How to Generate a System Restore Point for your Windows 7

System Restore is a highly useful Windows 7 feature, which allows reconfiguring system’s files to their previous form. Similar restoration options were available in previous Windows editions; however, never before has it been easier to create Restore Point than it is with Windows 7.

Restore points are usually generated automatically during every Windows 7 session, but in case you are about to install additional drivers, upgrade existing files or hack your Windows Registry, you must develop a restore point, which will back up your system and will allow you to get back to its version, prior to the changes you are about to make. To learn how to create a Windows 7 restore point, use these steps:

  1. In your Start Menu, locate Computer
  2. Right-click and choose Properties
  3. In a newly opened window, select System Protection
  4. Locate and choose to Create
  5. Type in the name, which will help you identify the restore point
  6. Create and wait for the process to finish
  7. When a window telling you “The restore point was created successfully” choose Close


Congratulations, you have created your first Windows 7 Restore Point.

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