Windows 8 vs. the Tablet

With the popularity of the iPad and Android, many people have coined the term “Post-PC era” as being a time where people will not use the traditional computer with a mouse and keyboard anymore, but only Smartphones and tablets. The obvious main victim of this scenario will be Microsoft, which has most of its revenue and heritage connected to the PC.

Microsoft it seems will not go down without a fight, and has its own vision of the future, and it is willing to put its money where its mouth is. The presentation of Microsoft’s new Operating System Windows 8 was backed by some interesting statistics. As of now, Microsoft has sold more than 450million copies of Windows 7. More than half of PCs around the world are still running copies of Windows XP. When you put the sales of the iPad next to this (25 million copies) it does not even come close to Microsoft’s market share.

Yet Microsoft would be unwise to ignore the “tablet effect”, and one of the main new features of Windows 8 will be that it works in the same way on both PCs and Tablets. Its interface will be adapted so that it is optimized for either mouse or fingers, and it adds support for ARM-processors that power most Tablets.

Most every user will agree that having the same OS on their Tablet and laptops, with no incompatibility issues, are a great idea. Other interesting facts about Windows 8:

  • Windows 8 consumes just 210MB disk space, and loads in 8 seconds and works much faster
  • Windows 8 will come with its own App Store
  • Samsung recently released the Tablet for Windows 8

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